Frequently asked questions

What comes with each catch?

Each catch is supplied with a magnet on the body and the cap. A further magnet is supplied for the door along with a leather disc to cover it. For attaching the catch to the carcase an aluminium plate with a threaded steel insert along with an m4 bolt and washer is included.

Is there a stronger version than the standard catch for heavier doors?

Yes the large catch has  similar dimensions to the standard catch but is 44mm long to accommodate a larger magnet.

How is the catch fixed to the carcass?

An aluminium plate is screwed to the carcass with 2 x 3.5mm wood screws. There is a steel threaded insert press fitted in the aluminium plate. An m4 bolt combined with a 14mm washer holds the catch on the plate.

How much adjustment is there?

There is 5mm of front to back adjustment.

What species of timber are the catches made in?

Oak catches are in stock. Other types of wood can be used on request.

What grade of sandpaper are the catches sanded to?

The catches are hand sanded up to 180 grit.

Are the catches unfinished?

Yes, the catches are ready for you to apply the appropriate finish.

What colour does the leather disc covering the door magnet come in?

There are black and grey discs in stock.

Can we chose another colour?

You would have to buy the skin separately but yes, any colour is possible.

What stops the cap from dropping off when the catch is upside down.

There is a magnet set into the underside of the cap which magnetizes with the m4 bolt head holding the catch body to the carcass.