More about the neatcatch

The neatcatch was designed by an experienced cabinet maker unhappy with the build quality and looks of mass produced magnetic door catches.

The neatcatch is precision made and uses quality neodymium magnets encased in a wooden block.

Suitable for kitchen doors as well as cabinet doors the neatcatch pulls the door in with a gentle thud.

Because the magnets are covered by wood and leather the door opens with little force (unlike magnet on metal).

The standard neatcatch is strong enough for most applications. However the large neatcatch is available for larger doors.

Although longer in length, the large neatcatch has dimensions almost identical to the height and width of the standard neatcatch.

The neatcatch fulfils the following criteria.

  • No visible magnets.
  • Back to front adjustment (5mm).
  • Superior hold down mechanism (achieved using an m4 bolt rather than woodscrews in slots which tend to loosen over time).
  • A pleasing sound of wood against leather on door closure.
  • A less visible catch (the wooden block blends in with the carcase veneer).